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Saturday, April 16, 2011



Her Blank Canvas

Her blank canvas
11" x 14"
Boxed -
Patiently rests
In its package
With a quiet power
It will become
The artist's
New lover -
Graciously feted
With an unwavering devotion
Massaged with brushes
Energized with cobalt blue
Generously fed
Olive and leafy greens,
Banana yellow and caviar black
Soothed with a turquoise bath
Forever sealed with
Crimson kisses...
All to tenderly inspire
A hurting world
To heal.

From Alley Cat, available at http://www.bohemiaangel.etsy.com/


Women are great masters
At starving themselves
They are fine artists
In this deadly art
Keeping the pain...
What would happen,
If each one
Gave in
To satisfy
Her starving stomach
If they joined
In solidarity
And collectively
Fed their hunger
Once and for all
They were not
Hungry any more?

From Alley Cat, available at http://www.bohemianagel.etsy.com/


  1. Ms. Bruness draws out the pith of each emotion, experience.
    "Her Blank Canvas" reads like an erotic,
    impressionist painting.
    "Until" paints a picture of women starving
    themselves and also asks the question - what if?

    I married the two poems because for me each
    poem exhbits women as almost done, as waiting
    for the authorative voice to deem them whole.
    Yet, there is also this quality of being
    sly in control.

    Thank you, Christine.

  2. Christine - Her Blank Canvas is gorgeous.

  3. i know, i'm quite obsessed with that poem.

    tY, for the visit, Shauna.