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Thursday, May 5, 2011

butterfly love

I will
light into your heart
and swallow the
secret pain that was
forever in your soul,
hidden behind
eyes that feign toughness
yet hold vulnerability
a little warm death
always on the ledge
of discovery.

I become a lake
for you to swim in,
A sky for you to write upon,
as a blank journal page,
the emotions caught in
Your throat, now liberated
become found joy.

Accept the silken feel
of my compassion,
all your pain away.


Monday, April 25, 2011

lucid misunderstanding

if only the tulips could speak
and tell us the secrets of their sweet nectar.

she was aware of his eyes,
his married, married eyes too brown not
to be true,
his true, brown eyes slipped into he aura,
his voice touched her heaven.

a card fell to the ground

dissolving us

she plucked up the moist white petal
and read the words printed on the card:
lucid misunderstanding.________________

the words awakened her mind,
he glanced at her and his pupils grew large

she ran, almost
and the tulips brushed against her neck
and shoulders, and spirit


when she finally entered her bus for home
her scent was sweet and addictive
her voice gentler than the breeze of
this new melancholy spring,
with so much to offer.


Sunday, April 17, 2011



Yoga Class

 on every forehead, a warm smear of lavender oil.

Gratitude Meditation

vivid image arises, kissing everyone's feet.

Shrine Room AM

strips of light, silhouette of trees, everything shimmers.