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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Inside My Friend's

            chinese take-out place a tall man stood in the corner
clipply reciting his thesis on the perfect breasts of a past lover
and the slow-blinking eyes of a favorite cow on his grandparent's
farm. His nose was hawkish and agressive and mesmerizing to me.

Kim, my friend from college, who works there grabbed a bag of
noodles to throw at him, "Iko, no, I said and Why?". She fell in
front of the doors and her necklace unspun. She sat there on the
dirty floor surrounded by a pool of garnet beads; surprised and
obviously humilated.

Some little kids walked in and as kids do, they simply stepped
over her. A little girl walked up to the man and gave him a yellow
envelope then said Happy Birthday in a shy way.

He smiled. I could tell his smile makes him dangerous to women,
or slow-blinking cows who don't know how not to be transparent.



  1. You have such an amazing way with words!

  2. liked this one, especially the way it ended :)

    thanks for stopping by!

  3. belle, hi - thank you.
    your blog is awesomely unique.

  4. ramya - hi - pretty name - thank you.